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Meet Daron Bryden

By Mac Cerullo, Sports Editor

UConn’s become something like a trick shot capital of the college world. First you had Caroline Doty releasing her video, then Johnny McEntee taking the web by storm in his. Shortly in their wake were the copycats, like the Division III quarterback who tries to match Johnny throw-for-throw, and even the Washington State long snapper who is trying to get himself a job in the NFL.

None of them, however, can match what this little guy pulls off in his video, which is make an impressive set of throws despite being only eight years old!

This is Daron Bryden, and according to this video, he is only eight years old and is one of the best youth quarterbacks in the nation. Also according to his father, who tweeted this video to us yesterday, Daron wants to be the quarterback for UConn in the future. I have to admit, I don’t know many eight year olds who can pull these throws off, and I know for a fact that I couldn’t have when I was eight (though I might be able to pull one or two off today… if you gave me a couple of hours.)

Keep up the hard work Daron, if you stay at it then hopefully my successors 10 years from now will be writing about you and the UConn football team. If nothing else, this is a good video to keep in your back pocket, I guarantee it’ll make your future birthday/graduation/whatever parties a lot more exciting.


Connecticast 2/22/11: Take Two!

By Mac Cerullo, Sports Editor

Our first Connecticast was received well by you all, so we decided it was worth giving it another shot. Today’s Connecticast is moderated by Senior Staff Writer Colin McDonough, and it features myself and Associate Sports Editor Matt McDonough, along with Staff Writer Andrew Callahan, who brought his WHUS Radio talents to the podcast to help balance the little talent me, Matt and Colin have at this sort of thing. Check it out at the link below!

Connecticast: 2/22/11

Also, for those of you who regularly watch UCTV, you might have seen Matt and Colin on “Marco Mania” recently. The two of them attempted to represent The Daily Campus in the game show setting, competing against the shows three-time defending champion Ryan Toussaint. Regardless of the result, it was entertaining television for all (or at least for me, I thought it was hilarious.) I highly recommend you all check it out, if nothing else to kill a few minutes of downtime. The good stuff starts at 3:50 in the video, click the link below to watch.

Matt and Colin compete on UCTV’s “Marco Mania”

Matt McDonough

Colin McDonough

UConn Oddity of the Day: Johnny Trick Shot

By Mac Cerullo, Sports Editor

Apparently Caroline Doty isn’t the only Husky who can pull off some nifty trick shots. Johnny McEntee of the football team just released a video of his own, and seriously, you’ve got to check it out.

I hope the first person Johnny showed this to was coach Pasqualoni, because if I’m a new coach and this is my first impression of you, then you’re my starting quarterback until one of the other guys can also hit a receiver while blindfolded. Or throw a football into a trashcan from a loft, 40-yards away. Or hit a basket from across Gampel Pavilion. Or knock the Dominos logo off a delivery guy’s car. Get the picture?

In all seriousness, this is pretty cool. Excellent job to Kyle Campbell, who edited Caroline Doty’s video as well, along with Issac Stalzer, who produced it.

Super Bowl Tuesday?

Aaron Dick and Dan Huang played out the Super Bowl in a simulation on Madden NFL 2011 for the Playstation 3. The game was played in staff writer Dan Agabiti’s room.

Aaron used the Packers and Dan was the Steelers. The Packers won 31-24 in a very exciting game.

UConn Oddity of the Day: Caroline Doty releases trick shot video

By Mac Cerullo, Sports Editor

This isn’t really an oddity so much as it is awesome. Regardless, Caroline Doty may be sidelined for the year, but she has clearly been making the most of her downtime. Check out this impressive video of Caroline Doty’s trick shots, it was sent to me by Kyle Campbell, best known in as the Pink Hat Kid at men’s basketball games, who edited the video along with Greg Mihailides, who produced it. They did a great job with it, and naturally props to Caroline for pulling all of these shots off, along with coach Geno Auriemma, who hits one of his own as well.

UConn Oddity of the Day: Oriakhi exposes fake Kemba Twitter

By Mac Cerullo, Sports Editor

When you’re a big time college athlete, you have to deal with a lot of things that normal college students don’t. People you don’t know saying hi to you everywhere you go, reporters and people like me asking you questions everywhere you go, and occasionally, even imposters.

It would seem that Kemba Walker is dealing with an imposter of his own, as there is a Twitter account under his identity that, it turns out, doesn’t belong to him. I found the fake Twitter and started following it, and surprisingly, he started following me too. Apparently he follows everyone, he has something like 26,000 followers and is following 27,000 people himself. That seems a bit odd, I would think the best player in the country would spend most of his time practicing and working out, not following every random person he can find on Twitter.

Well, apparently Alex Oriakhi thought so too, because after a little detective work yesterday, he began a series of Tweets “exposing this fool.”

Soon after, he posted this exchange.

Is it ironic that the fake Kemba Walker is questioning whether or not someone is the real Alex Oriakhi?

When you call someone out, it’s best to tweet at everyone you can to ensure maximum embarrassment.

I wish he actually posted the guy’s real name.

I guess it shouldn’t have been too hard to figure out the account wasn’t legit. I mean, look at this screenshot.

I wonder what the real Kemba would have to say about that one?

Anyway, you can read the whole Twitter feed HERE and Oriakhi’s whole Twitter feed HERE. I recommend Oriakhi’s, he usually has something interesting to say more often than not, or if nothing else you can always count on it to know when he’s going to be at the gym or something.

And Alex, I must say, if the whole basketball thing doesn’t work out, then journalism might be in your future. A good scoop by UConn’s big man himself, and that is today’s UConn Oddity of the Day.

UPDATE: 1/22/11

Following the publishing of this post, the owner of the Kemba Walker Twitter sent us this Tweet.

Now, intentions aside, the Twitter did previously claim to be Kemba Walker. It’s worth noting that it has changed it’s description and now specifically states “This is not Kemba Walker, if he wants this page, just DM me.”

What is interesting is his claim that the Alex Oriakhi twitter might be fake too. After today’s Tennessee game, we decided to go straight to the source.

Good enough proof for me.

If you encounter any other oddities or UConn related craziness that we might not catch right away, give us a heads up. Send us a tip at, or our Twitter, any of those will work.

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