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Connecticast: Kemba Walker – That just happened

By Mac Cerullo, Sports Editor

I can’t even describe what I saw today. Kemba Walker’s buzzer beating shot absolutely blew the roof off the Garden, and capped off an instant classic that saw the Huskies come back from being down by as much as 12 points early.

I’ve had the good fortune of being at a lot of great sporting events, but this has to be near the top of the list. This was the first time in years that UConn has beaten Pittsburgh, and to do so in the Big East quarterfinals with Pitt being the No. 1 seed? Man…

I think most of you can tell that I’m really excited, and you’d be right. I am a little bummed out that I have to leave to attend to a prior commitment now, but to go out with that being the last memory? Guess I shouldn’t complain. In any case, Colin McDonough will be filling in for me, along with Matt, who’s been on the scene with me for each of the first three games.

Anyway, we’ve got a podcast for you all, along with the links to the last two day’s worth of stories. Shoutout to former DC Sports editor Kevin Duffy, who requested the Connecticast. Thanks for listening Duffy! Also a shoutout to WHUS’s Adam Giardino, who taught me how to actually embed the podcast in the blog post instead of doing it through a link.

Pittsburgh Stories:

“Kemba Skywalker” by Matt McDonough

“Walking off with the win” by Mac Cerullo

Georgetown Stories:

“Walker leads UConn past Georgetown” by Mac Cerullo

“Like the old days” by Matt McDonough


Connecticast 2/22/11: Take Two!

By Mac Cerullo, Sports Editor

Our first Connecticast was received well by you all, so we decided it was worth giving it another shot. Today’s Connecticast is moderated by Senior Staff Writer Colin McDonough, and it features myself and Associate Sports Editor Matt McDonough, along with Staff Writer Andrew Callahan, who brought his WHUS Radio talents to the podcast to help balance the little talent me, Matt and Colin have at this sort of thing. Check it out at the link below!

Connecticast: 2/22/11

Also, for those of you who regularly watch UCTV, you might have seen Matt and Colin on “Marco Mania” recently. The two of them attempted to represent The Daily Campus in the game show setting, competing against the shows three-time defending champion Ryan Toussaint. Regardless of the result, it was entertaining television for all (or at least for me, I thought it was hilarious.) I highly recommend you all check it out, if nothing else to kill a few minutes of downtime. The good stuff starts at 3:50 in the video, click the link below to watch.

Matt and Colin compete on UCTV’s “Marco Mania”

Matt McDonough

Colin McDonough

Connecticast 2/8/11: The Inaugural Podcast!

By Mac Cerullo, Sports Editor

I’m pleased to present the very first ever Daily Campus Sports podcast! Our inaugural podcast, dubbed “Connecticast” is moderated by Associate Sports Editor Matt McDonough and features myself and senior staff writer Colin McDonough. Future podcasts will feature other writers and potentially other special guests, and will probably be produced every couple of weeks. Feedback is appreciated, and if you know how we might be able to embed this audio directly onto WordPress, please let us know.

Connecticast: 2/8/11

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